Maria has been making music for a lifetime and writing songs for over a decade

Maria Quinn
Photography by Colin Templeton

The Glasgow-based songwriter’s style draws from jazz, folk and classical music and from artists such as Joni Mitchell, Randy Newman and Nick Drake. Her lyrics are inspired by a love of poetry and her offbeat and quirky outlook on things.

As a child she spent her summer holidays at her grandmother’s house in a little fishing village on the coast of Galicia, where she absorbed both the Spanish and the Galician ways of life. In her late teens she moved from her hometown of Southport to study in Glasgow, which has been her home ever since. Her awareness has been shaped by the cultures of the places she has lived and the languages she has learned to speak and understand. These elements reveal themselves in her songs.

Her debut album, Closure, was recorded in 2022 with Angus Lyon and Boo Hewerdine and brings in a number of leading instrumentalists including Gustaf Ljunggren, Louis Abbott and Seonaid Aitken. It is due to be released on CD and streaming platforms in 2023.