Tiny Painted Room

A peek inside a busy brain forever turning things over and trying to find solutions to problems which might not even exist. Written after a conversation with my friend Mike Rawlins, so I dedicate it to him.


My first home lay on the north edge of town and it crops up frequently in my songs. The title is also a nod further northward towards Scotland where I live now. This is a jazz-infused swirl of images from my childhood and teenage years.

Malcolm Brings the Milk

Explores the external and the internal; how people appear in public vs what might be going on behind the scenes.

I Knew Josephine

A dark story hiding behind an upbeat tune. The contrast between things that play out on this side and that side of the door.

Pillow Talk

A very small song which is best viewed on a large screen.


In my dreams I often go back to the town where I grew up, to taste the sea air and recall the touch of the banister in the hallway of the house I left behind.

At Beekeeper’s Corner

Looking at the gaps between things rather than the things themselves. The place I call Beekeeper's Corner was growing wild when I wrote this song, but since then, four new houses have appeared.

Hinges Torn

The first Glasgow Songwriting Festival took place in Govanhill Baths. I found inspiration in the cubicle doors of the hot baths suite, beautiful in their dilapidated state and silently holding their history.

The Gate

On a family holiday to St Abbs a few years ago, the ritual of stopping to open a farm gate, holding it to allow the car through, and closing it again, grew in significance by the day.

So Many Tunes

Loss is never straightforward, it is complicated and imperfect, just like we are.

CLOSURE Album Launch 15th SEPT

Delighted to announce some details of my Closure album launch concert on 15th September. I will be accompanied by a full band featuring good friends Andy Wood on bass, Lesley Woodbrooks on violin and Joanne Donaldson on clarinet. We are…