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  • ‘At Beekeeper’s Corner’ – 3rd Single

    Just along from my house is a gap where the beekeeper’s house used to be. A lighthearted look at human nature by focusing on the spaces in between things.

    My good friend Lesley Woodbrooks poured some of her violin magic into the gaps. She and I have collaborated so often over the years that we finish each other’s musical sentences.

    Also featuring Euan Burton on bass and Louis Abbott on percussion.

  • New Single ‘I Knew Josephine’

    If I had to pick my favourite song from this record, it would be I Knew Josephine.

    This song defines the whole record in the way it explores the contrast between the way things appear from the outside and the much darker reality on the other side of the door.

    Featuring Joanne Donaldson on clarinet and Gustaf Ljunggren on banjo.

    I’ve you’ve pre-ordered the album, you should be able to listen to this song now via Bandcamp.

  • First Single ‘Inside This Coat’

    The first single from my new album ‘Closure’. The coat is an empowering symbol of confidence and a reminder that we can do things, even when we think we can’t.

    Featuring string quartet led by Seonaid Aitken with Katrina Lee, Patsy Reid and Alice Allen.

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