Malcolm Brings the Milk

Explores the external and the internal; how people appear in public vs what might be going on behind the scenes.
Malcolm brings the milk and never makes a sound
Malcolm brings the milk every morning, never makes a sound
He’s a good man in his overalls, his goodness is renowned

Malcolm buys a round, the diamond in The Crown
Malcolm buys a round every lunchtime, diamond in The Crown
He’s a good man in the public house, a good man round the town

Malcolm’s home for supper, with nothing left to say
Malcolm’s home for supper every suppertime, nothing left to say
To his wife and his daughter waiting, watching, wondering what kind of day...

Malcolm’s out till closing, pint of bitter from the spout
Malcolm’s out till closing every evening, bitter from the spout
He’s a good man, that’s a given, till the bitter has run out

Malcolm brings the milk