At Beekeeper’s Corner

Looking at the gaps between things rather than the things themselves. The place I call Beekeeper's Corner was growing wild when I wrote this song, but since then, four new houses have appeared.
At Beekeeper’s Corner just down from my house
Is a gap where the beekeeper’s house used to be
I always remember the bees when I pass
But today, it’s mostly the gap that I see

Cos gaps are neglected and misunderstood
They shift in the shadows, through cracks in the stones
And when we’re not looking they alter their shape
Between things that matter and others that don’t

We’re highly suspicious of gaps when they form
So we fill them with houses, then up on the walls
We hang pictures of landscapes so open and free
And repeat, until there are no gaps to see
And repeat, until there are no gaps at all

Now the beekeeper offers some ghostly advice
That the gaps are a gift in this world full of stuff
But the bees at the corner just down from my house
Know that everything - everything isn’t enough