Inside This Coat

A blueprint for the way I’d like it to be.
Inside this coat she’s a morning full of promise
Bright as any jewel, honest as a tune
Beneath this weighted mantle she’s alive, she’s untangled
Even whispers can be heard and there is no need to try

Deep within these seams she finds all the words she’s looking for
She can see where she is going and there is no need to try
The kindest coat she’s ever worn, a warm embrace, a simple smile
In these soft and tender hollows she belongs

And only in the darkness of the lining of the pockets
Where she sometimes finds her naked hands relaxing into fists
There may be threads of doubt
Just like everywhere
There may be doubt

And her fingers and their thumb work together at the buttons
All of a sudden she’s electric and there is no need to try
Within these woven sleeves she’s a sky full of feathers
She’s the sparrow, she’s the jackdaw, all the starlings and the swan